In Progress: Wexner Center painting

Current work in progress painting of the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University in Columbus. For this piece I’m interested in representing the building as a series of solids bathed in light. I’m pushing back against the deconstructivism of the architecture and instead finding cohesion in the building as a collection of forms coming together rather than splintered apart by Eisenman’s grid. I’m looking at the building more like one would look at a street scape and finding relationships between the volumes.

Folks are too quick to dismiss Ohio as a flyover state with little culture. The Chicago Tribune was shocked recently to find a thriving arts scene in Columbus. There are more and more articles like this; I think Columbus is being ‘discovered’ by the rest of the country while it’s enjoying a bit of a growth spurt. I think people tend to forget that Ohio has a solid collection of work by major architects. I’m always eager to share this, and I want my work to be a reflection of that fact. Why not start at my alma mater?

Wexner Center painting

Wexner Center, acrylic on canvas, 24×24″


New Painting “Downtown 2”

08052015 Downtown 2 low 2

“Downtown 2” commissioned work, 30″x42″ acrylic on canvas

This piece was inspired by a trip to Pittsburgh. I’m considering it the second in my series of abstract expressionist city spaces. It’s more lively and exciting that the first “Downtown”. The energy of the scene is reflected in the brushwork, and the space is more complicated and dynamic. It’s reflects less the physical nature of the area, but more about the perceived excitement of a city buzzing about with activity. Capturing that feeling is something I’m drawn to; this is a theme I want to continue to explore in future work.